What is Feng Shui?

Go experiment on Feng Shui. You can use your imagination and improvise. You shouldn't put things in the house that mean nothing to you. Everything must have a purpose and meaning for Feng Shui to work. Bring light into the house, in the form of lamps and candles. It's very important. Bring water into the house in the form of an aquarium or artesian fountain. Do not keep stagnant water at home because only running water brings you luck (especially in money, but also in relationships). Make sure that green plants can be used everywhere, because they have the ability to drive away and neutralize stagnant or negative energy.

What is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method of decorating the house or apartment. The basic idea is that our life is affected by the energies that we have around us. With the help of this method, you can get more happiness, health, money , success, help in your life, if fate is not against you.

Feng Shui – An attempt to define

Feng Shui is a Chinese art, called a science by some, that is thousands of years old. The basic idea is that our life and destiny are affected by the environment and the energies that are in our surroundings. Feng Shui divides matter into various types of energy, also called elements. The goal is to create a balance between these elements, and when this is created, many problems in our lives disappear, such as stress, health problems, problems with friends or family, lack of love, bad luck and accidents, bad luck in career. professional. Instead of all these problems, which by practicing Feng Shui we have the possibility to eliminate, we receive more good things: more love, success, splendid health, more money, friends and harmonious relationships.  

The energies that surround us are part of the QI, or CHI

It is a very important term in Chinese philosophy, meaning "source of life." The subject in Chinese has the name LI. CHI affects and is affected by LI. CHI is everywhere, of course, and in LI, that is, in the things that surround us and in us.

CHI has different qualities: it can be good or bad, or affected by a certain element that suits us or not, that makes us healthy or sick, rich or poor.

By manipulating the things around us, we also manipulate the energies around us; in other words, we affect our happiness.

Many things in Feng Shui can be called superstition, but it's worth a try. According to this science, when we control the energy around us, we not only make our lives more comfortable, but we also do several things:

  • We improve our health.
  • We affect our productivity and creativity.
  • We are improving our relations.

By feeling better, they are more productive and more sociable. We are more positive and have more energy. We have many ideas and we can find solutions.

Without knowing it, people of all cultures practice feng shui: we turn on the light when it is dark, we air out the room in the morning, we open the radiator when it is cold, we clean when there is a mess. When we do these activities, we also change the energies around us. This affects our lifestyle and our attitude to life at the same time.

Wind and water

If we translate Feng Shui from the Chinese language, then Feng Shui in Romanian would be called Wind and Water. Chinese tradition teaches us that these two elements mainly affect our life and destiny. We cannot live without air, because we have to breathe and without water we die. Water also signifies the energy called CHI and its movement in space. In turn, the wind or air is the space through which the CHI moves. Chi always needs renewal and needs plenty of room to circulate. Chi that cannot circulate is stagnant energy, which can become very dangerous for us.

When you practice Feng Shui

One important thing in practicing this method is knowing exactly what you want. Let's say you want love in your life. So go ahead and improve that space in your house, apartment or room, which affects our happiness in love. In order to identify this space, you look at the bagua, like a map, which you apply to the space in your house, or apartment, and to each room in the house or apartment.